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Beautiful beaches and secret coves of Puerto Pollensa, Alcudia, Mal Pas, Muro and many more.

There are over 260 beaches in Majorca and some of the most stunning of those are located just a short drive from our Villa Esquina, in peaceful Pollensa.

Plan the perfect Mallorcan beach day from Villa Esquina

We’ve put together a small, and by no means definitive guide to the North Coast beaches of Mallorca. There is something for everyone with beaches that are fully equipped and child friendly, to quiet, rocky hidden coves best reached in your walking boots. Mallorca has it all, from expanses of pure white sand, crystal clear azure sea, coves hidden by breathtaking cliffs, wild natural beaches only accessible by foot and huge swaths of soft golden sand backed by palm trees. We’ve gathered the insider knowledge, so you get to travel like a local! If you’re staying with us at Villa Esquina, you’ll have beach towels and beach mats available to use for your trip.

We have listed the beaches in order of distance from the villa by car and for something more fun, many of these beaches can be visited by boat. Get in touch for our availability and advice.

Cala San Vincent Beach
Cala San Vincent Beach

Find a perfect spot on the dramatic rocks that make up the small bay and dangle your feet in the crystal clear water. This is one of our favourite beaches as it’s one of the best snorkeling areas, but due to the nature of the cove it can get feel very crowded, so aim to arrive early! Cala san Vicenc as its known to the locals, is split into 4 parts: Cala Barques, is the largest and considered the main beach. A small path leads to the middle, smaller beach, Cala Clara, which can be more crowded as it is in front of a hotel. The third beach, Cala Molins, is very popular due to its very white sand and there popular spot with for families with small children. The forth beach, if you continue driving, is a small stoney cove at Cala Carbo. Not great for sunbathing or small children, it is very rugged and excellent for snorkelling and diving. Although the first three beaches are fairly child-friendly, please be aware this is open sea, it gets deeps quite quickly and occasionally there is a warning flag visible for strong undertow or jellyfish.

Distance from Villa Esquina: 13 mins

Amenities: Beachside restaurant and Watermelon vendors on the beach!

Parking: Car park nearby and plenty of street parking.

Ideal for: Snorkelling, exploring, older children

The main beach at Puerto Pollensa is almost one and a half kilometres long and very wide. The popular and well loved golden sands, offer calm waters with plenty of sun-beds dotted along the way, a backdrop of shops and restaurants, impressive views of the mountains and the Formentor peninsula. Head past the marina you will find yourself in the famous “Pine Walk” and a lovely long stretch of very narrow beach - called Albercuix beach, ideal for paddling, flanked with pine trees. In the opposite direction (toward Alcudia) you’ll find a stretch of beach dotted with Pine trees and picnic tables is known as Llenaire, an area very popular with the locals, especially on weekends. Wind and kite surfing is very popular on Pollensa beach, thanks to its position in the Bay, with its favourable winds. Watersports and sailing are also popular, and you can hire dinghies, pedalos, windsurfs and motor boats.

Distance from Villa Esquina: 13 mins

Amenities: Restaurants, bars, shops, sun-beds, parasols.

Parking: There is a free public car park, 5 mins walk from Mar Calma (almost walk through the Square to it).

Ideal for: Families, couples, groups who want to enjoy an easy & convenient day at the beach. Windsurfing & water-sports available.

Puerto Pollensa/ Port de Pollenca Beach
Puerto Pollensa/ Port de Pollenca Beach

This strip of powdery white sand turquoise waters flanked with Pine trees, is so stunning you’d be forgiven for thinking you'd just landed in the Caribbean! Home to the world famous 5 star Formentor Hotel, this beach is a must see. The beach is very popular with tourists who also make their way north for the scenic views at Cap de Formentor, the farthest point on the island that ends in a lighthouse. Playa de Formentor is divided into three sections, each of which has their own set prices for lounge chairs and umbrellas, and prices can get quite high in peak summer months. The narrow beach can get get quite crowded, however the shallow water is great for small children. Some areas of the beach can get rocky but otherwise it’s easily accessible. There are some water activities for hire such as paddle boats, windsurfing and SUP equipment, but it’s not too overwhelming with noise or equipment, leaving plenty of room for swimmers and snorkelers. There are couple of small souvenir shops, a cafe and a restaurant as well, however be aware that you are a captive market here and prices are higher and quality is lower.

You can also reach the beach by ferry boat, which runs regularly to Formentor Beach from Puerto Pollensa, ask at any of the boat hire booths about buying tickets. Or hire a boat from a couple of hundred Euros for half a day even if you don’t have a license.

Distance from Villa Esquina by car: 24 mins

Amenities: 1 restaurant, 1 snack bar, showers, toilets, lounge chairs & umbrellas, small shop

Parking: Parking is currently around 8 euros/day.

Ideal for: Romantic strolls, couples, families, all ages

Another perfect beach if you want to get away from the masses due to its accessibility is the stoney cove of Cala Boquer. This beautiful secluded rocky bay with clear, refreshing water and abundant sea life is a snorkelling paradise. Wear walking shoes for the 40 minute walk from the car park at Boquer (left hand side along the dual carriageway to Formentor). Walk through the gates of the Boquer Estate and follow the path which winds down to the delightful secluded cove. There are no facilities at all here, so you will need to bring ample water, a picnic and some shade with you, plus a pair of water shoes for more comfortable paddling. Beware the goats which will try everything to steal your picnic! It’s also another great place to visit by motor boat (if you have a license, as this is a much longer journey), which you can rent from Puerto Pollensa.

Distance from Villa Esquina: 16 mins + 40 minute walk

Amenities: None! Bring everything you will need.

Parking: 40 minute walk from car park to beach

Ideal for: Hiking, exploring, couples, groups, snorkelling. Not very child friendly or easily accessible.

Alcudia bay has a fantastic sandy beach which is very child friendly, with golden, fine-grained sand and very shallow water that is usually completely calm. It is lovely to splash around in - also ideal for very small children as you can wade out without the water getting deep for a good distance. It is possible to rent sun lounges and sunshades, but there is also plenty of room for those, who prefer to lie on their towels. There are beach bars at regular intervals, as well as free showers right on the beach. In several places along the beach, you will find all kinds of water sports such as parasailing, water skis, jet skis, water bikes etc. Without a doubt, the most popular holiday resort on the north coast is Port d'Alcudia.

Driving distance from Villa Esquina: 20 minutes

Amenities: Sun loungers, parasols, water-sports, bars, restaurants, showers

Parking: Car parks close to beach

Ideal for: Small children, families

Alcanada Beach or Platja de l'Alcanada is situated three kilometres to the left of Port d’Alcudia beach, on the headland of Cap des Pinar. Facing the Alcanada islet and lighthouse, this stretch of beach is narrow and pebbly with plenty of seagrass - this unusual beach has plenty f quirky charm. There is shade amongst the trees and picnic tables, making it a favoured spot of many locals. The waters are clear and good for snorkelling.

Distance from Villa Esquina: 25 mins

Amenities: None, bring everything with you or get what you will need from shops in the town a short walk from beach.

Parking: Free street parking

Ideal for: Peace and quiet, snorkelling

This beautiful six kilometres long Blue Flag, white sandy beach in the north of Mallorca is generally quieter than neighbouring Alcudia beach because of its out of town location. It is officially divided into two sections Sectors 1 and 2. The first sector offers sunbed hire and there are some beach bars and restaurants, we like to drop into The Royal Beach for lunch and drinks, where the kids can play on the beach while you drink into the afternoon (should you so wish!). The second section is flanked by sand dunes and offers little or no infrastructure, apart from the occasional 4 or 5 star hotel to the rear, and tends to be quieter. Both parts have beautiful views across the bay to the mountains and the water is clear and shallow and in general, relatively calm, although the bay is a little more open here.

Driving distance from Villa Esquina: 26 mins

Amenities: Shops, restaurants, beach bars, toilets, showers, water-sports - but check which sector

Parking: Paid parking close to beach

Ideal for: Families, couples, groups, lively beach day

Located in a suburb of Alcudia, you get two beaches for the price of one at Mal Pas! Playa de Sant Pere and Playa de Sant Joan are two quiet, beautiful coves a couple of minutes’ walk from one another. Sant Pere at Mal Pas less than 100 metres long and 80 metres wide. With fine sand and crystal-clear waters, it is popular with the locals, yet seldom overcrowded. The view from the beach, of the bay and over to the Formentor Peninsula is magnificent. There’s a little beach bar here during the height of the season and parking can be found along neighbouring streets. Sant Joan beach is a short scramble over the rocks to the left of Sant Pere or a 5 minute walk back to the road and around. Access to this beach is trickier with stone steps down or a rough path through sand dunes and brush, again limited street parking is available. This beach is longer but narrower than the other with the strip of sand stretching around in perfect thin crescent, giving you a much wider patch of sea to explore.

Distance from Villa Esquina: 24 minutes drive

Amenities: Beach bar in high season and watch out for the fruit seller.

Parking: Limited street parking

Ideal for: Exploring, amazing views, limited access

Situated along the coast from Alcudia, past Playa Muro is the tourist town of Ca’n Picafort with a long promenade flanked by a white sandy beach. The beach can get very busy, particularly with families who favour the plentiful infrastructure. The azure waters are clear, there are ample sunbeds, bars and restaurants and shops to hand, making Ca’n Picafort a very popular choice.

Driving distance from Villa Esquina: 33 minutes

Amenities: Restaurants, sun-beds, bars, showers, toilets

Parking: Plenty of designated parking

Ideal for: Families, groups, perfect for a lively beach day

Located 7ks from Alcudia old town, Coll Baix is the only virgin municipal and public beach. This quiet pebble and coarse sand beach is perfect if you want to get away from it all, especially during the busiest months. Swapping sandals for walking shoes from Alcudia old town, follow the signs to Bonaire. Before arriving at the Marina, take a right at the Bodega del Sol restaurant. Continue straight, the road becoming narrow and gravelly, pine forests to the left and right, until you reach the very end - a tiny hut at Coll Baix. Park here and either enjoy a picnic in the shade before following the signs to Coll Baix beach. A 30 minute walk/easy scramble will take you down to the stoney beach where you will, on many occasions, have this mini paradise to yourself. There is no infrastructure here at all, so take everything you require for the day with you, plus a pair of water shoes and your snorkel.

Distance from Villa Esquina: 37 mins car + 30 minute hike

Amenities: None, take everything you will need.

Parking: On site parking, a further 30 minute walk to the beach

Ideal for: Couples, groups, exploring, peace & quiet, hiking, snorkelling

If these don't tickle your fancy, then look for these other beaches Son Serra De Marina, Cala Na Clara, Cala Torta, Cala Mesquida, Cala Agulla and Cala Romantica.

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